What We Do?


CareKraft – CareKraft platform is built on cutting edge technology that is secure and scalable aimed to enrich the communication between patients & doctors by offering self service option. For patients, CareKraft is a free service for patients to find the best doctor that suits them most from the comfort of your own home or mobile device when on the move. Patients can make intelligent choice of choosing their doctor, get appointment reminder, schedule regular health check-ups.

VetKraft – Caring for pets is as essential as humans. We understand that you need a lot of time to devote to take care of your pet and work with your veterinarian practice. We at Vetkraft are envisioning how internet and technology can enable this communication process between pet owner and veterinarian effective and real time. Our platform VetKraft should help in minimizing tasks at both ends for Pet Owners and Veterinarians by interacting with each other via the medium of internet.


Healthcare Branding & Web Design – We as the creative website design and related services provider in the healthcare sector are trying to bridge the gap between Doctor’s & Patient’s by providing affordable, unique and fresh looking website for the doctors. We have been catering various clients in this industry whether it be Dentist, chiropractor, Physiotherapist, veterinarian etc. from past several years and specializing in creating custom website for them.

Search Engine Optimization – In today’s competitive healthcare field, one of the best ways for you to stand out is to have an effective digital marketing strategy. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword in today’s world of digital marketing. Simply put, it is a process of gaining visibility on search engine result pages by incorporating search engine friendly elements or keywords in your website. In this regard, Care Kraft services can help you a long way to gain prominence in the internet space by maximizing the chance of a search engine result directing the patients to your particular website.

Internet Marketing – Internet marketing, very simply refers to advertising of products or services through the internet. Internet offers us the ability to connect with several thousands of people in and around the area we live or have our practices. Alternately known as online marketing—Internet marketing entails the use of a few powerful tools and mechanisms to advertise products and services. Internet marketing if done effectively can have direct impact on your top line and bottom-line–both in a very cost effective manner

Content Writing – The significance of unique, informative, purposeful and engaging content is only gaining momentum with each and every update being rolled out by search engines and specifically Google. The adage “content is king” has existed right from the times online marketing started gaining headway. It is very important for healthcare practices to be backed by engaging and relevant content if they are willing to be found easily on Google by their patients. CareKraft is backed by the skills of experienced writers and graphic designers who specialize in offering creative, unique and interactive content in best looking manner.