Why did US Supreme Court upheld Affordable Care Act?

June 25th, 2015, the Supreme Court of United States upheld an important part of the Affordable Care Act, which concerned health insurance subsidies to over 6 million Americans. Obama Care is by far the most ambitious social program by the law that protects people in America.The act was preserved by a 6-3 decision written by Chief Justice John Roberts, defusing the second conflict between president Obama and the Supreme Court.

The ruling came out as a second victory for the administration upholding Affordable Care Act, which civil right groups emphasize as vital in challenging discrimination across United States.Obama Care strictly said that millions of people who are served by the federal marketplace were also entitled to the healthcare subsidies not just those privileged.

Now the argument on why did chief Justice John Roberts do it, says to support the congress on tax power with that of individual mandate.The challengers of this law, including president Obama, rejected calling the law as tax rather a penalty and said the law was primarily made to encourage people to buy insurance not generate revenues. However, Robert treated it as a tax itself and said it will anyways generate revenues and upheld the law.

All in all, the congress wanted the law to be upheld to improve the health insurance markets in America. The Medicaid initially covered only seven categories, however with affordable care act it would extend to all adults even those earning less than the poverty level.The state upheld this law only on the condition that the existing Medicaid findings will not be taken away. The law initially covers 100 percent of the Medicaid cost and as the federal contribution diminishes, it will not fall below 90 percent of the program cost and in this case the state took the wise move and expand edits coverage by upholding the affordable care cost.

The state also wanted to stand its institutional standing and had the law been struck down, courts reputation could be undermined. The courts power lies in its legitimacy and it seemed a wise decision to go with the law that appealed to millions of people in the state.

Sep, 03, 2015