Health Care SEO

What is SEO? Why you need SEO for your Medical Practice

In today's competitive healthcare field, one of the best ways for you to stand out is to have an effective digital marketing strategy. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword in today’s world of digital marketing. Simply put, it is a process of gaining visibility on search engine result pages by incorporating search engine friendly elements or keywords in your website. In this regard, Care Kraft services can help you a long way to gain prominence in the internet space by maximizing the chance of a search engine result directing the patients to your particular website.

How can we help you with Medical website SEO?

We understand how search engines work and thus by carefully selecting relevant keywords we can help you to make your webpage more prominent. Our Search engine optimization features can be broken down into two basic categories: On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

What not to do when doing SEO for Medical Websites?

It’s hard to undo any mistake that are done while implementing SEO strategy or that cause SEO penalty. We try our best that such mistakes are avoided and we stick to very ethical and organic way of implementing SEO which is also called White Hat SEO. Here some some mistakes that should be avoided at all times:

  • Not creating Google, Bing, Yahoo listings for separate locations
  • Selecting improper keywords
  • Committing mistakes in NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number). There are several practices which have different phone numbers listed in different search engines which is very confusing for the patients to contact your practice in such a scenario and they will end up calling somewhere else who happens to have clean and correct listing.
  • Not inviting regular reviews from clients or having no reviews on your Google+, Yelp or other review websites

You can count on us. Our expertise in SEO will go a long way in helping you gain maximum online presence and reputation.