Types of SEO

On Page Optimization:

This SEO technique helps you gain online presence in several ways and some of those are included below:

  • Builds a Customized Keyword Strategy through Competitive Analysis.
  • Builds keyword rich content to maximize search results.
  • Strategically uses alt tags and keywords in heading tags to make your webpage more visible.
  • Offers Unique content with keyword-optimized Title, Tags and Meta Tags (includes both the primary and secondary keywords)
  • Make sure that the images added on the page are baked by keyword-rich alt attributes

Off Page Optimization:

This SEO technique helps in promoting your website in conjunction with other renowned websites. In other words, this process focuses on what other websites say about you and thus helps in building an overall online presence and reputation. These features include the following best practices:

  • Promotes your profile in different social media platforms by providing backlinks.
  • Gets you more easily found of maps and directories by updating them at regular intervals.This process by directing people in your area to your websites helps them discover your practice more often.
  • Helps you stay consistently present through the Internet by publishing articles, participating forum discussion, blog posting, blog commenting etc.
  • Aids you in enhancing your Social Media presence by establishing robust networks on leading platforms including Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter among others
  • Engages in meaningful Thematic Link Exchange so as to bolster your link popularity
  • Promises quality cross linking so as to ensure popularity of Internal links. This is done in adherence to one of the major Page Rank algorithms of Google.

Investing substantial amount of time in video promotions, photo sharing and patient reviews.These best practices assist in making your webpage get known and popular and thus build consumers’ trust in you and hence the trust of the search engines in ranking your website higher as compared your competitors in the area.

Local SEO – How to Enhance your local presence

Local SEO has emerged as one of the key components of online marketing. Practices looking forward to reap in long-term benefits across search engines have been prudent enough to include this SEO practice in their holistic marketing mix. Local SEO refers to the practice of offering search results that are relevant for users based on the current location. If your practice is located in say town Princeton, NJ then your website will easily appear on the search engines when your patients are searching with “local keywords” like “Primary Care Physician in Princeton, NJ”. or “PrincetonPCP” etc. then your website will end up ranking higher. Here are some of the things that are done as part of the Local SEO plan:

  • Claiming Google My Business Page
  • Name Address & Phone Number (NAP)
  • Local Reviews
  • Local On-Page SEO