Health Care Website Development

Web Development refers to all the “design” and “non-design” aspects of professional websites including programming or coding, web content development, web designing, security configuration and client side and server side scripting. All these tasks render website functionality as per your requirements. Contrary to the popular belief that web development is restricted just to the web design, it encompasses a lot more than that. CareKraft specializes in quality web development services for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, vets etc. who are looking to make a statement on the web. A website is often regarded as the face of your practice. Technologists at CareKraft are expert in offering custom programming solutions on all type of modern platforms and technologies, responsive layouts and Content Management Systems (CMS). Our web development services are backed by the creative ideas of our designers so that you get the best design developed using latest technology. Our web designers have the required expertise to craft websites that comply with the needs of your practice.

The Importance of web development explained in detail

Today, no medical or dental practice can undermine the importance of professional web development services—especially when online marketing has gained such unparalleled momentum. Having a functional and impressive looking website is very important, especially if you want your patients to find you online. The sleek website with useful features and information about your practice is what is going to impress your potential patients. Your website affects each and every aspect of your online presence starting from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Responsive Design – mobile friendly website, your branding to increase the traffic and conversion rate to your website. Today, you can expect more than 90% of your patients to leave your website (and eventually not opt for your services) if your website has visibly any of these issues:
  • Complex layouts
  • Drab design
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Small fonts (that are hardly legible)
  • Slow website loading time
  • Not mobile friendly responsive design
  • Unable to communicate via email or send an appointment request
  • Missing contact information
Needless to say, our cohesive web development services are free of the aforementioned issues and will ensure that when patients visit your website they feel comfortable and trust the website and your practice. Our team of creative designers and developers follow a systematic approach to work, conforming to the latest search engine algorithms. Right from analysis and planning to execution- expect us to offer result-oriented solutions to get your website up and running. We promise optimal viewing of your website through laptops, desktops and mobiles. Today, more than 70% of your search traffic is coming from mobiles. If you are not serious enough to optimize your site for mobile viewing then you are actually losing out on substantial business. The development methodologies behind mobile friendly websites are definitely different from that of the websites for desktops. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help. Trust us to create an engaging, purposeful and result-oriented website for you.