Mobile Responsive Web Design for Doctors

You may be already aware that 70% of people who surf internet are using their mobile devices. This shift in consumption of the World Wide Web clearly means that there is an urgent need for websites to be mobile friendly so that such a large user base also has a good online experience. Furthermore, Google says, 90% of internet users tangle between devices to have better surfing experience and buying decisions. We at Care Kraft understand this need well and make sure that all the websites we design are not just compatible to the desktop browser but fit well to various screen sizes including tablets and smart phones. The website itself has inherent intelligence to render a version that suits most to the type of browser from where the request is coming, desktop or mobile device and this way of designing a website is called Responsive Design.

When we take a medical website design task in hand the feature of making a website compatible with all the devices be it a desktop, laptop, a tablet, Mac or a Smartphone is a given standard. This means that you don’t need a separate website for desktop users and a separate website or an application for mobile users. Care Kraft recognizes well that how busy you are taking care of your patients and hence we try to ensure that your task is minimized to none as we get on a journey with you to manage your online presence in an effective manner.

Here are some of the advantages that Responsive Design offers to your online visitors:

Better User Experience :
A responsive web design makes changes to your website according to the device it is being used at and provides a better user experience. If a website is not made using responsive design, users are left scrolling and adjusting the layout by zooming in and out. A responsive design automatically adjusts the website’s text & image size and alignments, the dynamic layouts and provides improved mobile usability. When a user lands at your website and has a favorable experience irrespective of the device, she is using, they are more likely to return back to your website and to look for your services than that of a not so good mobile browsing experience with a website of another doctor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advantage :
We at Care Kraft understand how important it is to make efforts in an age of competition in order to stand out. To ensure your SEO efforts are not getting wasted in having several website urls for different devices, which is definitely hard to optimize separately, we make sure we optimize the same website for all devices so that your url remains same and you enjoy the search engine optimization advantage.

Thus, better usability, higher conversion :
Medical is a profession that satisfies you with patients’ gains and thus if you can give your patients the right information and can present it in a painless way, you finally win. Your website is a mirror reflection of what you can offer to people when they actually visit you and if you know how to make this experience friendly, you will sure have new patients signing up and visiting your practice in person.

So, sign up for one of the website packages and be sure to know that mobile friendly website will come standard with that package.