Practice Branding

CareKraft also offers practice branding services as part of its service offerings so that we can be a one stop shop for the healthcare professionals.  Our wide array of services includes logo designs, brochure designs, letterhead design, postcard & newsletter designs, flyer designs etc. Our designers will engage with you one-on-one to devise branding strategies that fit your needs and more importantly your budget. Marketing strategies often entail the communication of unique points of differentiation which separate one practice from another. With our bouquet of branding services, you can be rest assured that you will be able to reap the tangible rewards.

Logo Design

A practice logo has the power to influence the health consumers idea regarding the professionalism of your practice, its ambience and the kind of services offered by you.  Expert logo designers are actually adroit in creating aesthetically appealing logos conforming to your business sensibilities—its mission, objectives and goals. One has to be very careful about what she wants to convey to her patients through her company logos. A logo has the power to communicate multitude attributes of your vision and mission and by no means should it be a misrepresentation of your business ethos. Trust us to create perfectly appealing practice logos combining professionalism, precision and aesthetics.

Brand Identity

Once logo is designed we also work with you to provide the design of the business cards, letter heads and envelops so that there is consistency across all types of communication and hence build your brand identity amongst your healthcare consumers.

Brochure and Flyers

Brochures make for an important marketing tool (as a premier source of your business information). A well-written brochure would actually be successful in conveying everything your patient wants to know about you and your services. However, no one likes to go through plain text, not backed by a great design and graphics.  We can design both traditional and customized brochures to help you bolster your marketing strategies.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are primarily used for holding loose documents together thereby minimizing chances of them getting lost. Dentists who care to organize important patient information, take help of these folders only to establish exemplary standards of professionalism.

News Letter & Postcard

Newsletters and postcards are an integral part of modern e-mail marketing strategies. These colorfully designed beautiful postcards and newsletters can turn out to be brilliant mechanism of company announcements or introduction of your practice to prospects and peers.