Why Carekraft

There is no dearth of strategies aimed at bolstering your online presence. However, the Internet cannot be termed as a stagnant medium. There is some or the other aspect of Internet which is always evolving- technologies, browsers, design trends or complex Google algorithms. Professionals at CareKraft ensure that your website is well tuned to the all these update while you are taking care of your patients. We will ensure that your website does not look outdated or for that matter unprofessional. Besides creating highly interactive, unique and highly professional websites, we also offer effective On & Off Page SEO services and practice branding.

Some of the most important features that differentiate us from our competitors are include below, these are standard on our plans.

Mobile Friendly Websites

More than 70% of the search traffic comes from mobile devices. If a website is not duly optimized for mobile devices (it doesn’t open easily on mobile devices) then you are losing a substantial part of your potential clients. Websites that we design are mobile friendly by default and you will not need a separate mobile website or app.

On-Page SEO Services

An SEO campaign remains incomplete without effective on-page strategies including the incorporation of easy navigation techniques, canonical tags, high quality web pages, minimal browser requests, primary and secondary keywords, keyword-rich descriptions for images/videos, alt tags, keywords in headlines, descriptions, interesting meta descriptions and remarkable multimedia.

On-page SEO is our forte and its part of the top two web packages that we offer. We ensure a thorough analysis of your websites to come up with infallible techniques focused on strengthening your web presence.

Cutting Edge Technology & Ease of Use

With their years of experience in web designing and development, our designers &technologists have set enviable standards of excellence by providing fresh, sleek, well-optimized and mobile friendly websites. The latest Content Management System employed by us makes it easy for you to modify, update and delete content in accordance to your preferences and needs without any technical know how.


Our online marketing services are not only confined to the creation of dynamic websites. We also ensure that your website gains the desired traction through impeccable branding measures including brochure, logo, flyer and folder designs. We will ensure that each of these elements of branding showcases the true ethos of your practice. Our logos and brochure designs will effectively reflect those differences so as to ensure that you don’t get lost in the sea of sameness.

Cost Efficient

And what more? All these services are offered in most customer friendly environment at very cost effective affordable pricing plans. We do not believe in recurring fee based website design packages (with exception of ongoing SEO Services) but rather charge you one-time fee which makes our plans one of the most cost effective in the market place.

Get in touch with us in order to find out details of our services and packages. You even have the freedom to deposit a one-time fee or else a recurring fee.