Importance of Impactful Online Presence for Doctors

Everyone is online today. According a study by Google, 97 percent of customers search for local businesses online, including medical practices, doctors and dentists. And if you do not have an online identity, you are just going to miss the chance of patients visiting you in person.

Having an online presence today is certainly more than having a website. You are required to be present on all the active social media platforms and also, take part in various interaction activities so that you can display your knowledge as a doctor and market your clinic.

Maintaining and right displaying of your reviews on websites such as Google+, Yelp, RateMDs, etc. and properly choosing what you want to appear as, is also an essential part of creating your online presence.

Mark your Presence

Everyone is using Google to find any local service or their contact details. People don’t look into directories but online. Thus, as a medical practitioner, if you want them to find you, mark your presence. Start by Googling yourself and find out what your online presence looks like. Work with a medical web design company that you can trust and get your website done, if you do not have one already.

A website will be the first point of contact for anybody trying to know or approach you, thus make sure it is crafted by an expert and speaks well of your services. Provide easy details about your background with a smiling photo, contact number and your address. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices so that you appear on top when people search for their needs and you will soon know what are the advantages of the having a website or an online presence.

Invest in Good Branding

Having a website is the first step but it follows a lot of other things. Create a consistent brand that speaks well of your services and earns you even more visitors through the online medium. It is imperative to keep all your marketing strategies in line with your medical practice standards. Choose a logo, color theme, tone and language that best corresponds to your profession and appeals to your target audience.

Social Media is a Sword

Creating strategies that go along with other practices of social media for doctors and deploying them in the most effective ways is essential in this digital age. Approaching your customers has never been so easy before social media came in. Choose the social media platform wisely, that can actually leverage your time and contribution in terms of returns. Optimizing common platforms such as your facebook profile or twitter or google+ or anything that is relevant to your practice can actually make a big difference. Using these platforms you will be able to interact with your audience easily, get feedbacks and reviews and improve your services by staying in coherence with the industry practices.

Sep, 12, 2015