Real Estate

The real estate industry is a specialized sector with distinct needs of its own. Consequently it is of no surprise that real estate firms are always looking for real estate web design and SEO services. At Carekraft, we believe that high aesthetics and functionality should be the core of any real estate business website. Our real estate website development services have already been used by numerous companies across the globe with excellent returns.

Here are some of the key elements of our real estate agent website design services :

Real estate WordPress development

WordPress is a popular platform preferred by many real estate firms who are looking to appeal to their target consumers. Sites developed by WordPress are easy to use and navigate; they also allow site owners to change and customize its properties any time they want.

Plugin development

Plugins are often used with real estate websites for installing a number of different functions. Real estate websites often have the need to create visual slides and 360ᵒ tours for encouraging prospective customers to invest in their projects.

Real estate SEO

SEO is crucial for any business and the real estate industry is no different. When you contact our Carekraft SEO experts, they can optimize your site with the right settings, plugins and optimal code structure needed for the best SEO results. We can also present you with top notch SEO plugins for WordPress SEO Plugin, WordPress Local SEO and WordPress Video SEO.

Technical support

We can not only present you with custom real estate SEO but also make sure that your website is always functioning to the best of its ability. We can also offer you support when it comes to lead generation and site mapping.
So if you are in need of realtor website SEO services, contact us at Carekraft for the best expertise.