SEO Demystified for Doctors

Nine out of ten people search for a doctor or any local service provider online and if you don’t appear high in the search engines results, your services might just be ignored over someone maybe less qualified but more active through SEO practices. It is a well known fact that most searchers don’t go past first ten results on any search engine and it is imperative to optimize your online presence to appear in top search results so that you don’t miss out on most of your revenues.

So if you don’t know what SEO is

Search engine optimization means to optimize on page (i.e. your website) and off page (i.e. your online presence beyond website) for the purpose of achieving high rankings when a user searches for a keyword related to your service. Practices include making your website user friendly, providing value-added content, making it mobile responsive and promoting on various social media platforms in order to attract customers or in medical term patients.

Some Benefits of using SEO for Doctors

As stated above most of your patients are searching online when they need a medical help, be it an advice or contact details to contact your office.Thus, SEO makes you available for such patients and chances of them seeing you will be higher.

If you are investing in SEO you are taking charge of your own reputation and altering it as required. There are times when a patient posts some bad reviews about your services or clinic, SEO techniques are smart enough to spot such reputation spoilers and corrects them wisely.

Decades ago, in the time of limited advertising platforms such as television, radio and newspaper, it was way expensive for people to advertise their services and stay in people’s eyes constantly. Only established doctors who could afford those expensive mediums were able to advertise and increase their revenues. However, with the advent of internet, it has become easy and yes affordable to reach out to your target audience and create their brand image. With so many means of interaction and platforms where doctors can solve patients’ problems, building trust among target patients has become easy, thus bringing them newer patients.

Now what should you do for your practice?

Start by creating a cool looking design website that not only tells your patients what you do but engages them and builds trust for your service. Use the art of storytelling with the use of catching images and videos.You can also hire a technical expert in your field who can look after various On-page and Off-page SEO optimizations and makes you appear on top in the searches engines results.Having adopted the best SEO practices, can bring you more patient visits than any other means of advertising can.

At last, don’t forget to keep your website responsive for all mobile devices. Half of your patients are using internet through their mobile phones and you certainly don’t want to miss that traffic for any good.

Sep, 21, 2015