Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a special UI design philosophy which focuses on providing users with optimized web experience for devices having different resolutions and widths. These include PCs, tablets, notebooks and smartphones. This device independent design philosophy involves use of unique coding by the web designers so that the page layouts adjust themselves automatically to the varying width of the browser where it is being viewed.

Problems solved by Responsive Web Design principles

  • It helps to upgrade the tablet and mobile viewing experience of website visitors. There is no need for horizontal or vertical scrolling.
  • Fluid grids function as extensions of the liquid layouts; although in a somewhat robust manner fitting all the elements into small and large screens easily.
  • No separate websites needed to be designed for mobile users.
  • As responsive web design operates through the CSS media queries, site owners have the additional advantage of content management through the specific CMS that is being used. This separation of style from content makes it easier to create user friendly websites.

Why choose our New Jersey web design firm?

As a leading web design firm, not only we can incorporate responsive designing elements into your new website, but we can also upgrade your old website to make it responsive for different platforms. At CareKraft, we have all the necessary tools and technology that can help us to make your business website more easily accessible. These include media queries, flexible images and media as well as flexible grid-based layouts that help in resizing items. We are also highly skilled when it comes to making WordPress and Drupal based responsive content-managed sites.

So if you are looking for a custom web designer that can provide you with competent responsive web designing services at cost effective rates, do not hesitate to contact us at CareKraft as we are a web design agency with sufficient experience in this sphere.