Why will Google not rank your website high

Are you using all the SEO techniques right and still not getting sufficient results? You are not ranking up on Google and even the conversion rates are pretty low. This can be because you are missing out on a very important update that Google rolled out recently on April 21st, 2015, about making your website mobile responsive.

Yes, seventy percent of your users are searching for you using mobile devices. But are they finding you there? No, because you don’t have a website designed specifically for mobile users. Even if they land on your website using a tablet or a smartphone, the user experience will not be friendly. If a website is not made mobile responsive, it is just not possible to use it on a mobile device because of excessive zooming or pinching, resulting high bounce rates.

So, what is a Responsive Design?

A responsive web design simply means that the structure of your website remains same on all the devices. For example when a user sees a website on his desktop, he will get a complete view but if the website is not made responsive it will not fit on a smaller screen and the text, images, and structure will scatter. Likewise, with a responsive design, websites fit to display well according to the screen size and are easy to scroll and navigate through different tabs.

What are Advantages of Responsive Design?

Since Google is the pretty lover, you are trying to impress with your website and various techniques, it is important to what it says. Google ranks high those websites that give better user experience to all its users, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

Making a website responsive in the first place keeps you from making different websites for different users. It is good to have one URL for the purpose of better usability and rankings. So next time a user lands at your website from a mobile device, he won’t bounce back if it is responsive.

When a user is not stuck in zooming and shrinking the text and images while accessing a website from a mobile device, he/she will actually consider further exploring your services. So, make your website responsive today and stay ahead of competition.

Sep, 30, 2015